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Since 1943, our donors have created around 2,000 endowment funds and together we have distributed more than $1 billion to charities. Our capacity to serve communities throughout the province is directly tied to our ability to preserve and enhance our financial assets.


Investment Overview

Audited Financial Statements

2021 audited financial statements [PDF]

2020 audited financial statements [PDF]
2019 audited financial statements [PDF]
2018 audited financial statements [PDF]
2017 audited financial statements [PDF]
2016 audited financial statements [PDF]
2015 audited financial statements [PDF]
2014 audited financial statements [PDF]
2013 audited financial statements [PDF]
2012 audited financial statements [PDF]

As a registered Canadian charity, Vancouver Foundation is required to file a T3010 report with the Canada Revenue Agency annually detailing its fundraising, administration, executive compensation and other costs. Additionally, in the T3010, you can find Vancouver Foundation’s total fundraising revenues, total fundraising expenses, and total expenditures on charitable activities/programming. 


T3010 Registered Charity Information Return

Charitable Registration No.: 11928 1640 RR0001