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Flexible, general operating grants of $50,000 for BIPOC-led organizations in BC to support their work in racial equity and racial justice.
Status: Grants have been awarded.

Visit the Grant Program Updates page to learn more about what funding opportunities will be available in 2022.

For the full list of all 42 organizations that successfully received grants, click here.

The LEVEL BIPOC Grants Program offers flexible, operating grants of up to $50,000 to BIPOC-led charities and other qualified donees to cover costs that will contribute to their stability and capacity to advance racial equity and racial justice within their communities.

BIPOC-led organizations face disproportionate barriers to accessing reliable and flexible funding, which impacts their capacity to run programs and initiatives, manage resources, and respond to emerging needs. Addressing racial inequities and injustices is important systems change work and racialized communities are at the forefront of solutions by and for their communities. These grants are intended to be used at the discretion of these organizations based on their need and priorities to ultimately support the aspirations and hopes of BIPOC leaders in their work to advance racial justice. To learn more about why Vancouver Foundation is offering these grants, click here.

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  • Applicants must be a qualified donee; or, if you are not a qualified donee, you can apply as an intermediary in partnership with a qualified donee organization to carry out the activities associated with the funding request.
  • Must be based in and serving communities in BC
  • Be a BIPOC-led organization (defined as groups where at least two-thirds of senior staff and/or board leadership positions are held by those who self-identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Colour) and serving BIPOC communities in BC


  • Indigenous and Black-led organizations because we recognize the disproportionate impact of institutional and systemic racism on Indigenous and Black communities both historically and currently.
  • Organizations led by young BIPOC leaders and/or organizations with a demonstrated track record of meaningfully engaging and centering the experiences and wisdom of Indigenous, Black, and/or racialized immigrant and refugee young people in their organization's decision-making process.
  • BIPOC-led organizations in remote communities that have limited access to funding opportunities.
  • BIPOC-led organizations that have either not received funding in the last five years or never received funding from Vancouver Foundation.

Guidelines and Resources

How to Apply

Step 1: Assess your organization’s alignment by filling out a brief online questionnaire.

Create an online user profile in our grant management system, select the LEVEL BIPOC Grants, and fill out a yes or no questionnaire about your organization such as whether your organization is BIPOC-led. This helps to ensure your organization meets the criteria for this granting program and helps LEVEL ensure that we are reaching BIPOC-led organizations from across BC. Organizations that are most closely aligned with the granting priorities will be invited to the next step which is scheduling a conversation (oral application). This step will replace a written application.

Complete the questionnaire by clicking here. If you have any technology or other accessibility barriers, please contact a LEVEL staff member below. 

Step 2: Let's talk! Schedule a Conversation (oral application).

Organizations that are most strongly aligned with the granting priorities will have a one hour recorded conversation over Zoom with 1-2 staff and possibly 1-2 LEVEL community advisors. The recording and transcription of the conversation will be submitted as your application (instead of a written application form) to our LEVEL community advisors for funding consideration. You will receive questions in advance to help you prepare. Here are a few examples of the types of questions that will be covered:

Sample Conversation Questions:

  • Please share how your organization and its leadership 1) is committed to working on intersecting equity issues: gender, disabilities, migrant, religious minority, and LGBTQIA2S communities; 2) demonstrates and is committed to racial justice in relation other systems change work, such as migrant justice, criminal justice and environmental justice; and 3) collaborates or works in partnerships with BIPOC grassroots groups to lift up voices and experiences of those not connected to formal services or organizations.
  • As BIPOC leaders, what are your hopes and dreams for advancing racial justice work? What have you not been able to do previously due to lack of funding? What changes are you hoping to enable if you did not have to worry about operational and administrative costs for your organization such as rent?
  • What are you seeking to learn, or maybe unlearn, right now?
  • How does your organization approach learning?
  • What would be helpful in your learning journey?  

Key Dates

  • October 21, 2020: Eligibility assessment opens
  • October 21, 2020: Online information session at 11 AM PST.
  • November 2, 2020: Eligibility assessment closes
  • Mid-November to Mid-December, 2020: Grant Conversations (i.e. oral application) begin via scheduled Zoom calls
  • Early Spring 2021: Decisions communicated via email


If you have questions about or need help with the online assessment questionnaire or if you have general questions about this grant program and its priorities or for information about the application process, please contact

For any general questions about LEVEL, including non-granting programs such as the Youth Policy Program or Youth Organizing, please contact: Rekha Pavanantharajah, Director, GCI