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You may be wondering if your project or organization qualifies for one of our grant programs. Here is a collection of examples of successfully funded projects to help you get inspired and learn more about our grants.

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West End Community Food Hub

When we call the problem of food insecurity ‘hunger’, we take focus away from the real issue: Poverty.
Social Services

BEATS Magazine

BEATS Magazine gives young people from immigrant and refugee families a place to creatively express what it’s...

Check Your Head: Youth Building a New Economy

Young people can create a more just economic system. They just need the right tools.


The DisPLACEment program gives Indigenous, migrant, and refugee youth the skills and tools to share their own...

Let’s Speak Up

Residents of the Downtown Eastside should have a seat at the table when it comes to the future of their...
Social Services

Strategic Litigation for Equality

A justice system that is not equally accessible to everyone is not a justice system for all.
Social Services

Cultural Connections

First Nations people have unique perspectives to share on social planning in communities across B.C. It’s...
Social Services

Youth Empowerment in the Arts

When budget limitations restricted high school arts curriculum, the Fort St. James and Nak’azdli communities...
Arts & Culture

Stories of Our Ancestors

Chinese-Canadians need mental health services as much as any other population, but they often go untreated,...

Upstream, Downstream

First Nations-led project brings industry, conservation, government and academic experts together to protect...

Burrard Marina Field House

A collaborative art project bringing artists and the community together to address social issues.
Arts & Culture


Providing marginalized Vancouver residents with access to emerging creative technologies.
Arts & Culture

Out In Schools

Ground-up advocacy to create welcoming and inclusive schools for LGBT2Q+ students.

Bird Aware Cat Care

Cats are adorable, but left free to roam are responsible for millions of bird deaths in Canada each year.
Animal Welfare

Climate Adaptation For Small-Scale Farmers

Hands-on research and education addressing the impacts of climate change on local food producers.

Neighbourhood Love Letters

An art and dialogue project to strengthen community connections for foster care youth.
Addressing Homelessness

Preventing Re-Victimization

Preventing women from being re-victimized when reporting sexual assaults.
Social Services

Through Our Own Eyes

Understanding the damaging impact HIV non-disclosure laws have on women.

Encouraging dialogue on the sex workers movement

Beyond The Margins

Uniting efforts across the province to create safer communities for sex workers.
Social Services

Harm Reduction in Homeless Shelters

A study of drug use in Victoria’s homeless shelters, and key policy recommendations.

Democratizing Our Stage

The Cultch is expanding its work with diverse artists to reach out to new audiences.
Arts & Culture

Through A Different Lens

Enabling teachers to focus on alternative teaching methods for vulnerable students K-12.

Local Economic Development Lab

A place-based initiative to generate, implement, and scale community designed ideas in Vancouver’s DTES.

Humane Wildlife Control Accreditation

Developing a humane and ecological accreditation program for wildlife control across Canada.
Animal Welfare

Missing Women

'Missing' bears witness to missing and murdered Indigenous women in an opera about one unknown woman.
Arts & Culture

Reconnecting to Laxgalts'ap (Old Town)

A community driven research project to pass on cultural / ecological knowledge from generation to generation.

Oil Spill Response

An education and advocacy campaign to improve community strength and resilience to oil spills.

Binners’ Project

Building urban resilience, social inclusively, and community connections for "binners".
Social Services

Older Women’s Dialogue Project

Older women come together to take action on legal and policy issues that affect them.
Social Services

East Van Green

A community hub to promote sustainability, local food, and organic waste management.

Breastfeeding Art Expo

A community art project to shift awareness and understanding of the health benefits of breastfeeding.
Arts & Culture