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Many donors like you want to leave a better planet for their children and grandchildren and feel the best way to do this to to give flexibility to the experts and advisors at Vancouver Foundation. By directing your gift to this focus area, you’re supporting projects that address climate change and other environmental conditions—now and into the future.


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Climate farming
Climate farming
Climate farming
Climate farming

Climate Adaptation for Small Scale Producers

Climate change is negatively impacting local agriculture and threatening farm management with new stresses. This is particularly evident for Metro Vancouver’s small-scale food producers.

In 2015, we received an application from the Canadian Society Promoting Environmental Conservation to better understand current small farm management issues, and to develop information to help farmers adapt their practices to strengthen the resilience of our local food systems. Our Environment Advisors agreed this was a good idea.

Donors like you made possible a $20K grant that helped small scale farmers adapt to weather extremes through pest and water management, ongoing monitoring of soil health—all with the goal of preparing farmers to better respond to climate challenges ahead. 

Over the past five years, the Environment focus area has provided support to a a range of leading charities including: Sierra Club of BC, Nature Trust of BC, Ocean Wise Conservation Association, Ecojustice Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, Georgia Straight Alliance, Tides Canada, Gitga'at First Nation, Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development, and Grasslands Conversation Council of BC, among others.

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Why support a focus area?

Causes of concern today may not even exist tomorrow, but when you support a focus area, you join other like-minded donors and become a part of a powerful force in creating a healthier, more livable community. And because we bring together smart advisors —all experts in their respective fields — to review and select the best grant applications, you can be assured that your gift is being utilized in a way that has long-term impact. Learn more about the expert advisors who are putting your gift to work. 


Many donors care about the environment, but you also have broader interests in the community. You may want to consider a targeted gift ot another one of these focus areas: