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For Charities

You can set up your own endowment fund as a way to ensure a consistent stream of income that can be used to support your charity's mission for years to come. Having an endowment fund also speaks of stability and commitment to community which is important to many donors. Vancouver Foundation currently administers the funds of more than 550 charities of all sizes and types across Canada.

How do we invest?

We would love to partner with your organization too.

By establishing an endowment fund at Vancouver Foundation, you can benefit from the substantial experience and knowledge of our Investment, Finance and Donor Services staff. We can offer advice and guidance on everything from what financial tools can be used to set up the endowment to ideas for marketing and growing your endowment with the support of your donors.

As part of our low administrative cost-recovery fee, we provide a number of services to charities when you establish an endowment fund at Vancouver Foundation:

  • Regular access to information on the fund through our donor portal, an online tool for accounting and donor stewardship. 
  • Process donations to the fund received by cheque, credit card or through other ways donors can give, including gifts of securities and giving by American donors.
  • Issue tax receipts directly to donors.
  • Offer advice on complex gifts such as bequests, life insurance and RRSPs.
  • Ongoing support with the communication and marketing of the fund to help grow the endowment. 
  • Planned Giving support for your fundraising team.
  • Administration of estate gifts to the endowment after a gift has been made in a donor's Will.
  • List the fund on Vancouver Foundation's website with an opportunity for your donors to contribute online.

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